WoodVille is founded by two friends, Mr. Sanjay Rana and Mr. Rakesh Saini. The duo has masters in Wood Science and Technology.

With 18 years in industry, both the founders are leading the company from the front. With interest in forests and wood, both the founders are always developing new technologies and methodoligies to establish a culture of innovation and creativity.

The Company

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking - Henry Ford.

This is what we live by everyday at WoodVille. With its head office at India. WoodVille is located at Libreville, Gabon in Africa. WoodVille provides home furnishing solutions to trusted customers with a committed voice. We work with great passion and enthusiasm to deliver quality products each time, every time.

With its factory infrastructure in Gabon, WoodVille works with the government of Gabon to create sustainable solution which helps in overall development of the eco-system and upliftment of the society. WoodVille has its own Forest of about 1,00,000 Hectare . this gives us total control over the process of manufacturing quality products.

The Environment

We realize the importance of each and every tree that is used in the making of our products. We also realize the importance of participation of every individual in protecting the environment and the trees. At WoodVille, we plant more trees than we cut down for manufacturing. Our forest area is constantly protected, nurtured and grown such that the bio-diversity of the area is preserved. We take upmost care to protect the flora and fauna of our forests.

WoodVille is also certified with FSC & PEFC accrediations.

Social Accountability

WoodVille works closely with the govermnet of Gabon to provide a holistic development for the local communities in its areas of operations. We are not only creating jobs for local workforce but are also providing crucial socail platform for the overall wellbeing of local communities. WoodVille today has a major portion of its workforce from the local community and works closely for their development. WoodVille has provided support and furnitures to the local schools in its communities.